Product Definition Statement
The goal is to create a companion app for a smart product that can help the beginner or intermediate cyclist track, and improve the efficiency of their ride through appropriate gear changes and incline monitoring.
ProGear is a gear monitoring system, which enables cyclists to track and improve performance using optimal gear shifting.
Flow Chart & App Flow
The app portion of the smart product was intended to provide the user with the necessary information to obtain optimal cadence. Therefore it is typically active through the users journey, much like a GPS device.
The concept was was to use color coordinated cues for how efficient the user was utilizing their gear selection. This allows the user to view their status through their peripherals.
Art Direction
The colors were chosen to represent the different levels of efficiency the rider is currently at. The icon and the entire color scheme of the app plays on the aspect of reaching the blue from the red. The icon itself is a direct representation of the chains attached to the bike.
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